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All overnight camps start on Sunday and end on Friday.  All day camps start on Monday and end on Friday.  Here are our themes for Summer 2015:

Week 1 June 14-20 – Super Heroes Week

Are you faster than a speeding bullet?  Do you wish you had powers from out of this world?  This week campers will be trained to use their super powers to save camp from the villains.  Activities may include canoeing with Aquaman, archery with Hawkeye, and rock climbing with Spiderman. WARNING: Activities include camper to super hero transformations.

Week 2 June 21-26 – Mystery Week

There has been many strange and mysterious things happening on the shores of Barlow Lake and it is up to you to solve what’s behind the mysteries. Put on your detective hat and join us for a week filled with different twists, plots and turns as teams of campers set out to discover who and/or what has been behind all the strange and mysterious happenings at Camp.

 Week 3 June 28-July 3 – Build It Week

This week is for all of our creative campers! There will be tons of different challenges that cabin groups will need to conquer. Raft building, creating the fastest car, Lego creations and more!

Week 4 July 5-11- Fit and Fun Week

We will be focusing on all of the fun involved with being an active camper.

Week 5 July 12-17 – Hollywood Week

Have you ever wanted to be a star?!  Hollywood week will celebrate all of the unique talents that make each of us shine!  If you love singing camp songs, acting in Camp Skits, or awarding yourself with new friends then walk the red carpet and join us for Hollywood Week!

Week 6 July 19-25 – Harry Potter Week

Welcome to a wonderful week of Hogwarts at Camp! Have you ever felt that you were different? That things happened to you that didn’t make sense? This week we will relocate you from the world of Muggles to the Wizarding World. All of our regular Muggle activities of rock climbing, trail rides and swimming, will be available, but if you want extra spells in your arsenal, come out to camp this week!

Week 7 July 26-31 – Halloween Week

Trick or Treat! This week will be a spooktacular experience. Campers will have the chance to create their own spooky costumes and masks as well as take a hike through our Haunted Barn. Apple bobbing, tractor rides, and trick or treating will make everyone forget that it’s July!

Week 8 August 2-7 – Rewind Week

Take a stroll through the past and enjoy the golden years of camp!  Campers will experience the throwback of fun camp games as well as all of our amazing 20th century activities like rock climbing, water toys, and GaGa Ball!  Come enjoy the years of history at YMCA Camp Manitou-Lin!

Week 9 August 9-14 – Shark Week

We all love Barlow Lake, but maybe we don’t give enough respect to our friendly sharks! This week will be devoted to raising our awareness and respect for our Sharks! Don’t worry- our lifeguarding crew will keep you safe while we have a blast learning more about what also makes Barlow Lake their home. This week will be both adventurous and silly!

Week 10 August 16-21 – Fantasy Week

Experience the world of imagination combined with the imaginative world of Summer Camp!  If you can dream it you can be it!  Campers will have the chance to exercise their powers of imagination all while making new friends and trying new fun activities!  Send your prince, princess, astronaut, or athlete to this amazing week of fun!


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