Parent Information

We believe learning takes place as children touch, manipulate, and experiment with things and interact with people daily. Children’s play is an essential component of our curriculum, through their play and experiences, themes are developed that guide our daily activities and interactions.

Infants Playing

At the Y, we utilize Creative Curriculum which has six core content areas: literacy, mathematics, science, social studies, arts, and technology. The Y has identified two additional content areas: Healthy Habits and Social, Moral, and Spiritual Development.

Our programs use the Creative Curriculum individual assessments and also child portfolios to assess your children’s developmental progress annually. The teaching staff and families discuss the results of the assessments and plan for continued growth throughout the year.

By using Creative Curriculum as our framework, we focus on:
  • How children develop and learn
  • The learning environment in which children learn
  • What children learn
  • The role of the teacher
  • The role of the family


Please note, this is a sample of our typical schedule. Each classroom will have a personalized daily schedule to ensure children’s developmental needs are being met.

Start Time End Time Activity
Arrive at 8:00 am Arrival, child choice, morning snack
8:00 9:00 am Breakfast, table toys
9:00 10:00 am Small group, large group time
10:00 11:30 am Child choice, outside, gross motor
11:30 am 12:30 pm Lunch
12:30 2:30 pm Rest time, quiet activities
2:30 3:30 pm Snack, table toys
3:30 4:30 pm Small group, large group time
4:30 5:30 pm Child choice, outside, gross motor
5:30 pm Closing Departure