Pilot Program Aims to Reduce Summer Learning Loss

Pilot Program Aims to Reduce Summer Learning loss

Grand Rapids, MI (Dec. 23, 2013) – The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids is set to participate in Y-USA’s Achievement Gap pilot program aimed at reducing summer learning loss for some of our community’s most vulnerable children. Thanks to a grant from YMCA of the USA, this summer, the YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids will provide a Summer Learning Loss Prevention program for first and second grade children from low-income communities in Grand Rapids.

This six-week program will support children in their literacy and academic efforts and will expose them to a variety of enrichment activities aimed at minimizing the backsliding many disadvantaged children experience during the summer months. Youth who participated in Y-USA’s program last summer showed gains in their grade equivalent reading levels by an average of 2.4 months.

Because of the Y’s strong presence and reach with children during summer months through day camp, overnight camp and child care, the opportunity to do more intentional work in partnership with schools to improve learning outcomes for young children is natural and much needed progression in nurturing the potential of our youth.