Adult Basketball Leagues

Whether you are a seasoned athlete with the desire to get back in the game or just looking to explore a new hobby, our adult basketball leagues offer a fun way to stay active while staying fit. Join one of our competitive five-on-five Basketball Leagues men or women divisions or drop in at a location near you for a game of pickup basketball.

Five-on-Five Basketball Leagues
Men 5 vs 5 & Co-Ed 5 vs 5

Create your own team or sign up as an individual. Our adult basketball leagues play a six-game season with weekly team standings plus a championship tournament. Adult basketball leagues consist of seven to 10 players per team. All games are officiated with referees and a scorekeeper and play full court with two 20-minute halves.


Seasonal Availability, please check back.


18 years and older

Five-On-Five Men’s Leagues

Five-On-Five Co-Ed Leagues


Note: Team Captain must be identified at time of registration. To sign up as an individual contact a branch near you.