At this LEED certified branch you will find families walking through our doors to be active together, children being nurtured in our child development center, cancer survivors learning to regain their health; young and old alike coming together. Since opening in 2011, the Spartan Stores YMCA has welcomed over 1 million members.

a strong Community partnership

To keep you at the top of your game, we’ve formed a partnership with Metro Health Sports Medicine Center. Whether you’re a competitive athlete or enjoy everyday physical activity, Metro Health Sports Medicine Center has taken a team approach to caring for athletes of all ages and skill levels. You’ll find sports medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, and physical therapists all working together to provide comprehensive care in one convenient location. A wide range of services are available for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of sports related injuries.

Patients will be greeted by YMCA staff at the front entrance and directed to the center which is located on the second floor.