Tracy Hawkins

I am certified as a Personal Trainer through NBCA. I received my training from Blue Heron Academy in 2017. My training focuses on building core strength, endurance, and overall health. My routines are based on what you want to achieve and what works for you. My personal fitness journey started as being very active in school sports and continued for years being a runner. I joined the Visser Y in 2010 and started taking strength and conditioning classes and then used the services of the personal trainers. I was amazed at how much stronger and better I felt when I added strength training to my workouts. I am married, have three grown children. My hobby is to learn new things. In the past year I have learned how to play Rugby, In-Line Hockey and surfing. I also have a passion for cooking and nutrition. I try to only use grass fed meats and organic produce and know the nutritional benefits of each ingredient used. I am excited to use my knowledge to help you.