The Y achieves its mission one person at a time. Our success is driven by the passion, enthusiasm, and dedication of our employees.

Kevin Myers
Margaret Becker
Dixie Dreyer
Jordan Hoogterp
Lindsey Karpowicz
Jason Lewis


Paula Creswell

Paula is ISSA certified and has been practicing for 13 years. She is also Indoor Cycle Certified and loves teaching cycle classes. Paula has ben in body building competitions, and really enjoys training for them. She has a passion for training people struggling with weight management and overweight obese clients.

Derek Gilland

I am a former infantry Marine Sergeant now Grand Valley state University Graduate with a degree in Exercise Science I have been a personal trainer since 2018 and am certified through NPTA. I’m a “you are stronger than you think” type of trainer who will push you to your limits and enjoy watching you accomplish something you didn’t think you could do and be there with you every step of the way providing a fun yet rewarding experience.  My leadership experience and fitness experience give me a well-rounded ideology as a personal trainer.

Tracy Hawkins

I am certified as a Personal Trainer through NBCA. I received my training from Blue Heron Academy in 2017. My training focuses on building core strength, endurance, and overall health. My routines are based on what you want to achieve and what works for you. My personal fitness journey started as being very active in school sports and continued for years being a runner. I joined the Visser Y in 2010 and started taking strength and conditioning classes and then used the services of the personal trainers. I was amazed at how much stronger and better I felt when I added strength training to my workouts. I am married, have three grown children. My hobby is to learn new things. In the past year I have learned how to play Rugby, In-Line Hockey and surfing. I also have a passion for cooking and nutrition. I try to only use grass fed meats and organic produce and know the nutritional benefits of each ingredient used. I am excited to use my knowledge to help you.

Connie Prins

Connie is personal trainer certified from ACE & Lifestyle and Weight Managment from ACE. She is also AFAA Group Exercise certified. Connie holds a bachelor’s of Science in Business and Marketing. She specializes in adult strength, weight loss programming and spinal/structural concerns. Connie has overcome great adversities with scoliosis, and avoiding a second spinal fusion using strength and flexibility work. Her experience in overcoming such obstacles gives her the ability to help her clients in overcoming theirs.

Marie Rickard

I am certified through ACSM.  I have been training since 2007.   I have been a group fitness instructor since 1994. I enjoy helping people find a successful way to incorporate exercise into their busy lives and achieve a healthy balance.  I really enjoy working with overweight individuals, seniors, and people who may feel overwhelmed or intimidated by beginning a new lifestyle change. I’ve also done work with local middle and high schools, running speed, agility, and strength sessions for teenage athletes.   I look forward to spending time here at Visser YMCA, working with you!  (Or please join me in a cycle or group ex class!)